The Future of Synthetic Assets is Here

zkSynth allows you to create and trade synthetic assets that track the price of any real-world asset, such as stocks, commodities, currencies, and more.


With zkSynth, you can enjoy the benefits of:

Highly Scalable

Can support an unlimited number of synthetic assets with fast and cheap transactions on ZK Rollups

Capital Efficient

Lets you create synths with any token, ETH, any ERC20 token, and even ibTokens (Interest Bearing Tokens)


Enables you to create your own synthetic assets by combining existing ones, such as synthetic indexes, baskets, or derivatives

Low Risk

Using segregated debt pools based on asset risk, so you are not exposed to the debt of other users or assets


Audited, with no central party, and no possibility of censorship or seizure of funds

Community Owned

Governed by DAO, with a community treasury, and a community token (ZS) that is used for staking and voting

Using Technologies

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Ready to start your synthetics journey?

Join zkSynth today and explore the possibilities of synthetic assets on Scroll Network.